Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Brennan were announced March Teachers of the Month

Delaney Broad



  Mr. Don Morgan and Mrs. Christy Brennan were awarded March teachers of the month.

  Morgan teaches Political Systems and Honors Political System and is the co-sponsor of GSA.

  Morgan won teacher of the month before, but believes he won out of the blue this time.

  He received his teaching degree from Washington and Jefferson college and began teaching at Montour in 1990.

  Morgan believes that his school year is going well and that in teaching you are meant to have minor ups and downs.

  Morgan knows his job is important so he likes to keep things in perspective because of that fact. He likes to get to know his students in the classroom and understand who they are and what they are like outside of school.

  There is no particular moment that Morgan considers his favorite, but he really enjoys being able to make relationships with the students and getting to meet with them after they graduate to see how they have grown as a person.

  Morgan originally was going to law school, but then realized that he did not want to be in law anymore. Majority of Morgan's family is in education and they told him he could use his history degree to become a teacher.

  Outside of school, Morgan enjoys having a lot of quiet time, especially at the beach or pool.

  Morgan’s favorite quote is “May your heart be brave, mind be fierce, and spirit be free.”

  Fun fact: Mr. Morgan is a pretty boring guy.

  Brennan teaches Algebra 1A, Statistics, CHS Statistics, and is the mentor for Data Jam.

  Brennan has won teacher of the month before but believes she won this time because she challenges her students to learn more.

  Brennan attended the University of Pittsburgh for her Pure Math Major and then attended Duquesne University for her masters degree in Education and Mathematics. She began teaching at Montour in 1995.

  “The school year is going great. I am so fortunate to work with the great students we have here, my wonderful colleagues and terrific leadership.” says Brennan.

  Brennan’s philosophy behind teaching is to treat the students as if they were your own children. Brennan considers teaching to be an opportunity for her to inspire and encourage students to be their best.

  The best memory Brennan has in her teaching career is this year when she asked her students if they would recommend the class to underclassmen and they responded “Yes, because you care about us.”

  Brennan originally went to college to become a DJ to later own her own radio station, but now if she wasn’t a teacher she would want to be in the secret service or the CIA.

  Outside of school Brennan spends a lot of time supporting her kids, Delaney, age 14, and Parker, age 12, at their sporting events. She also enjoys travelling and spending time outdoors, especially the beach.

  Fun fact: Mrs. Brennan has “JOMO”.

Stanley earns April Artist of the Month

Jack Pockl


Assistant Editor

  Freshman Alexia Stanley believed she earned Artist of the Month because of her hard work.

  “I honestly do not know why I earned Artist of the Month, but we have been doing many projects that I feel I have been doing my best on.”

  Mr. Balcerek’s instruction is a key to her success in art class.

  “Mr. Balcerek explains everything very well.”

  Stanley’s artistic strength is shading whereas her weakness is drawing.

  Stanley has a defined set of principles she follows when starting every new project.

  “I look up reference pictures and ideas then I begin taking my ideas and putting them on paper.”

  Stanley’s favorite medium to use is a pencil, like she used in her pears shading piece.

  “Pencils make it very easy for shading.”

  As for advice, Stanley suggests, “Always practice.  I practice all the time and I think that is the reason I earned this award.”