FBLA hosts first annual Craft and Vendor Shopping Extravaganza

Jack Pockl


Assistant Editor

  Montour Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) hosted a craft and vendor show in the Athletic Center open to the public on May 4 in support of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Because of the event, FBLA was able to raise $1,500 to help Children’s Hospital purchase pajamas and gift cards for their patients.   Another $500 was raised in the benefit of FBLA.

  “We ask the hospital what their needs are every year,” says club sponsor Ms. Gina Liguori.  “They said they get a lot of toys throughout the year but lack pajamas for the younger patients and gift cards for the older patients.”

  The cumulative $2,000 raised was from the  44 vendors reserving a section in the Athletic Center.  The merchandise the vendors sold was strictly their profit.

  During the event, FBLA had a Chinese auction, a 50/50 raffle, and a $300-valued gift card door prize provided by the Montour School Board of Directors.  

  In addition to the club’s goal of raising monetary donations, the club also wanted to provide top-level service to the vendors.

  “On top of making the community happy, we wanted to make the vendors happy too.  We gave them a coupon for lunch; we offered a valet service to unpack their merchandise and help them set up their table.  We wanted to treat the vendors in a way that they would want to come back again for another event,” says Liguori.

  Ligouri estimates that nearly 2,000 community members came to the extravaganza.  

  “There was steady traffic throughout the day.  There was a line at the door a half-hour before the event began.  The vendors were happy with the traffic and their profits.”

  FBLA thanks Cowden Creek Realty for funding their marketing initiatives.

  “Our marketing and advertising was funded by a donation from Cowden Creek.  We have been working on a project-based learning activity with them throughout the school year, and we had a random questions about advertising for this event and they offered their donation.”

  Overall, Ligouri says her personal and club expectations were met.

  “Personally, I was excited and pleased to see that the club was able to take on such a big event primarily because of the planning that was involved.  For the event, we reached our goal of raising $2,000, which I was happy about,” remarks Liguori.

Montour Musical steals the stage with Footloose

Delaney Broad



  The Montour Musical opened on Friday April 5 with its production of Footloose.

  The musical is directed by Josh and Brittany Morgan and they chose Footloose because it was a fun and challenging show with lots of roles and performance opportunities for the students.

  “Due to its popularity, we knew it would be a show that would get the students, parents, district, and community excited, and the musical contains great music and a story with characters that come together to tell an authentic story to which we can all relate in one way or another.” says the directors.

  The lead role of Ren McCormack is played by senior, Ryan May. He is very happy with the choice in musical because it is a fun and engaging show for people to relate too.

  “My favorite part about my role, is that I get to develop as a character throughout the musical, and it’s extremely fun being able to dance and sing all of his songs.”

  May believes that the shows have been going extremely well and that the audience has been enjoying the performances.   

  The female lead is senior Rylan Kadlecik, playing the role of Ariel Moore. Kadlecik feels that Footloose was a good musical to choose because it is a good way to bring the community together.

  “My favorite part about my role is that Ariel has so many layers to her. She portrays two different worlds.” says Kadlecik. She enjoyed playing the character because she was so complex and she was able to dig deep into the character.

  Kadlecik believes that the shows have been going great. “The auditorium was almost full every show which is crazy because we have such a big auditorium.”

  The role of Reverend Shaw Moore is played by junior Greyson Felt. Felt feels that the group did well with a lot of numbers in the musical, but the best was “Still Rockin”.

  Felt was unexpected when he was casted as the reverend because he usually plays the comedic relief role.

  “My favorite part about the entire show would have to be when me and Ren were fighting in the kitchen near the end at the musical. It felt very strong and intense.” says Felt.

  Felt believes that the shows have been going well, even if there were a few mistakes.

  The cast began rehearsing for the musical on January 3 and have had three practices a week for three hours each day.

  “The students have excelled at so many things throughout the process of putting this musical together,” says director Josh Morgan.

  The directors think the students had excelled in learning their choreography and performing it so well that they look like a unit. The directors also believe that the students did a great job at bringing their characters to life.

  The directors would also like to give a special shout out to the stage crew and the pit band for their outstanding work.

  The musical is also part of the Gene Kelly awards where they will send a few students to participate in the opening and the final ceremony.

  The Gene Kelly awards provides scholarship opportunities to students in musicals. It also provides the students with the opportunity to perform for the awards ceremony at the Benedum Center Stage. It also provides the students with networking opportunities and support from students participating in different musicals.