Boys Varsity Tennis Team moves forward in Section Singles

Jack Pockl


Assistant Editor

  Section Singles players Dustin Gergach and Matt Bill both won the first round of Section Singles on Tuesday, April 9 while losing the second round of matches.

  Gergach won the first round 10-3.  The most notable part of his performance was his first serve, says Coach Eric Hazlett.

  Bill won the first round 10-0.  Coach Hazlett noted him for his competitiveness during both rounds.

  However, Gergach lost round two with a score of 10-3.  Bill also lost during the quarter finals with a score of 10-8.  

  Despite their loss, Hazlett says both players gained valuable experience.

  “They gained some good experience that they can use going forward through the second half of the season and Section Doubles.”

  The team’s next match is against Carlynton Junior/Senior High School on April 15 at Clever Park tennis courts.